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Why More And More People Are Considering Moving to Malaga Spain

Many people consider moving to Spain for a huge variety of reasons - but even those who are seriously considering the move must decide where in this beautiful country would best meet their lifestyle goals - and an increasingly large number of people are choosing are moving to Malaga Spain. Get help moving with


Malaga can be found on Spain's magnificent Costa del Sol - a tourist hotspot that is attracting large numbers of people who want to enjoy the rich history, culture, nightlife, incredible scenery and world-renowned food of this part of Spain.


Moving to Malaga Spain

Taking a closer look at Malaga reveals just what this city has to offer.

There is, of course, the famously welcoming weather of this part of Spain. With an average of 300 sunny days per year those who make their homes in Malaga will be able to explore its wonderful outdoor attractions to their heart's content. And those attractions have something for everyone. Those attractions include the sub-tropical climate and mountains of Axarquía, The dense forests of chestnut trees to be found in Ronda, the fertile valleys of Antequera and much, much more.

Of course, to sojourn in Malaga would be complete without exploring the incredible cuisine of the area. Here one can find a wide variety of Michelin starred dining destinations. But even the simplest foods that can be found in Malaga are a joyous experience. Gazpachuelo (cold tomato and vegetable soup), fennel stew and salmorejo (made from fresh tomatoes and garlic cloves and blended with stale bread, finishing with extra virgin olive oil, and a dash of sherry vinegar) are all delightful. For lovers of fresh ocean fish, the regions justifiably famous grilled sardines or fresh oysters accompanied by an ice-cold beer and consumed overlooking the sea will provide an experience that is not soon forgotten. Exploring the backstreets of Malaga will also reveal a wealth of tapas bars where sharing with friends is the order of the day.

Roof terrace bars and beach bars are found in abundance and are the perfect destinations for those who want to enjoy that incredible outdoor life.

The province of Malaga is also the ideal destination for lovers of salt. It boasts 184 kilometers of coast that simply begs for exploration. Hodden covers and golden beaches, as well as the warm waters of the Mediterranean all beckon to those who simply want to set out and explore the wonders of the area.

then there are the cultural attractions of Malaga. It is the home to 37 museums where those who love both contemporary and find heart will be able to satisfy their thirst for the highbrow, including exploring the wonders of Picasso's work, a wine museum where the area's history of fine winemaking is brought to life, as well as many more such as the Russian Museum and the Glass Museum. There really is something for everyone.

Moving to Malaga Spain is among the most popular of choices for ex-pats - and for many good reasons. It is a part of Spain that will reward exploration with a lifestyle second to none.